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Zensi Pro

Your Digital Nurse

Zensi Pro is the professional rest and sleep analysis system that unlocks efficient real time monitoring of dozens of patients at once in nursing homes, hospitals and rehabilitation centres – always on and always in your pocket.

Solving the problem of staffing reality versus care demand

The Zensi Pro Solution

How does Zensi work?

Zensi works via smart sensors that are placed under the mattress and wirelessly connect to the Zensi Pro App.


Perspective Caregiver

  • Zensi provides staff with a continuous and highly intuitive overview of all patients. Each tile represents a bed with colour coded status indicators that show whether the patient is in bed (green) or out for a certain amount of time.

  • Set patient-specific alerts with a single click: choose to be notified when a patient leaves the bed, is nervous or does not return in time at any point during the day and night or only during specific time slots.


Perspective multidisciplinary team

  • All resting and sleeping information is distilled into practical weekly reports: one comprehensive PDF that includes one A4 page per patient, delivered via a channel of your choice.

  • This advanced yet easy to use data analysis tool improves your understanding of your patients by allowing you to objectify, analyze and validate the effects of important care choices.

  • Promotes communication with family and medical staff by providing easy to understand context regarding changing treatments, medication, staffing and general patient wellbeing.

Discover the advantages of Zensi


Improve quality of life for patients and care givers

Both staff, patients and their family experience unparalleled peace of mind, knowing that there is always someone looking out for them, no matter how busy it may get on the work floor and no matter how many patients there are to follow up.


Reduce the amount and severity of falling and fixation

Advanced data analysis leads to preventive falling reduction, for example by identifying behavioral changes or when a patient has slept during the day and may thus sleep less during the night and so on. A lack of false alerts means that even the most unpredictable care profiles can be monitored and thus be allowed to maintain an otherwise impossible degree of freedom throughout the day and night.


Optimize workforce and resources

Zensi supports staff in focusing their time on core tasks by reducing inefficiencies caused by false alerts and time consuming operating procedures which are inherent to other systems on the market. Weekly reports unlock a wide variety of practical insights and applications, ranging from minimizing sleeping medication to optimization of staffing and stakeholder communication.

Advanced Data Analysis

Example 1: Interruption of medication

The graphs below show the patient’s sleep and resting activity pre and post hospitalization. Top graph shows stable behavior with solid sleep throughout the night as well as a midday nap during 3 out of 5 observed days. Second graph shows erratic behavior upon dismissal from the hospital and return to the regular care facility, caused by altered medication. This information was used to communicate the need for intervention to various stakeholders and evaluate subsequent actions, resulting in a quick return to the original stable behavior pattern.




Example 2: Modification of medication

The graphs below show the patient during 2 nights: pre and post medication. Top graph shows a long and distressed onset of sleep, with overall poor sleep quality which may result in a variety of negative physical and emotional health effects for the patient.

Care facility was unaware of this behavior before the introduction of Zensi as this was happening during the night when no staff was directly observing sleep quality in the private quarters. Information was used to introduce adjusted medication, resulting in objectively demonstrable improved sleeping patterns with shorter time to fall asleep and significantly improved deep sleep quality overall. The reverse is also possible: for certain patients behavior may remain stable even when reducing (sedative) medication, which is something that the multidisciplinary care team can evaluate with Zensi Pro.

Before medication

After medications


Detailed graphs are also available in the Zensi Pro App, showing the past 24, 12 or 6 hours and translated into the weekly automatic reports for every patient.

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