Experiencing a fall, is experiencing a loss. It’s a complete and utterly negative experience that touches our very fabric. Falling incidents have a very serious impact on our lives and health.
It not only affects us on a somatic level but also on a psychological level. Did you know that people who have fallen recently, are prone to endure another fall?

Here are five tips that can help you in reducing the risk of a falling incident.

  • Analyze your surroundings

If you have fallen in the past, be sure to double check your surroundings for any tripping hazards !
It is very common for a person to trip over the most basic objects around the house. Try to keep a minimum of exposed cables, loose footwear, mats etc.

  • Talk about it with your family doctor

Your doctor is there for you, family doctors provide an invaluable first point of care and can advise you on best practices.
Don’t be reluctant to seek help and advice. Be open to discussing any falls you have had and whether is has had an impact on your life or health.

  • Review your medication

If you are on medication, it is advised to have your doctor evaluate your medication at least once per year. Especially if you are taking 4 or more medicines per day.
Medication can have an impact on your strength and balance. When if doubt, read the attached labels or consult your healthcare professional.

  • The importance of exercise

Strength and balance exercises are important in improving the body’s structure and can be done almost anywhere.
They provide a useful strengthening of the core and reduce the risk of a falling incident.
Exercise also helps regaining confidence after an occurred fall.

  • Use technology

Technology has come a long way and can improve our sense of security. Rest assured that someone is watching over you in the case something happens.

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